Cast Alnico Magnets & Sintered Alnico Magnets

The Alnico material is composed of aluminium, nickel, cobalt with minor amounts of titanium and copper etc.

Alnico is manufactured by casting or sintering Technique.  The main advantage of Alnico is its extremely low temperature coefficient and its wide temperature range from -270 to more than +400.  High nickel content of Alnico alloy results in good stability against corrosion and oxidation.

The main drawback of Alnico is easily subject to demagnetization due to its low coercivity.  Thus, magnetization should best be done after assembling. 

Again, because of low coercivity to reach optium performance, a rod length of approximately 5 times the diameter should be used.

Cast Alnico magnets may be manufactured in complex shapes, such as horseshoes.


Sintered Alnico magnets offer slightly lower magnetic properties but better mechanical characteristics than cast Alnico materials.  Sintered Alnico is particularly suited to small to medium sized components. 

Common Applications

Elextronic Ignition Systems, Watt Hour Meters, Volt-amp Meters, Medical Instrumentation, Magnetic Reed Switches, Generators etc.

Manufacturing Process

  1. Pressing
  2. Sintering
  3. Heat Treatment
  4. Grinding
  5. Magnetising
  6. Inspection
  7. Packing & Despatch