MAGNETIC LIFTING - MagLift 3 series

MagLift 3 Magnetic Lifting provide fast, safe, and efficient method of picking up thin ferrous metal plates.

  • Portable - Ultimate high power to low weight ratio
  • Powerful - Constructed with ultra high-energy rare earth magnets.
  • Safe - A 3:1 safety factor
  • Maintenance free - Permanent magnet technology requires no electrical connection.
  • Application - Lift and drag iron/steel plates in workshop, factory, warehouse etc.
  • Warning - Never lift in excess of it's nominal lifting capacity. Do not lift round material.
  • Nominal lifting capacity is 3 times less than the actual test capacity that the lifting magnets can lift.  This safety factor of 3:1 is there to protect against adverse conditions that reduce the actual lifting performance.  Adverse conditions include (a) workpiece material, (b) thickness, and (c) surface quantity.